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Cybersecurity – Blue Team

Operational training at CyberSecurity has become a major area of ​​development for companies wishing to secure and protect their IS and especially their assets. The Blue Team training scenario tests your security policy, your reactivity to a threat / attack. Your ability to implement security to provide your services while protecting you from a threat / attack.


Accompanied and coached by a Blue Team trainer, you and your team should implement your Security, detection and analysis skills to secure your vulnerable architecture.
This architecture will be attacked in real time by a Red Team, also accompanied and coached by a Red Team trainer.
A White Team trainer will be in charge of the smooth running of this scenario.
This training scenario will be essentially practical and immersive.


This training aims to improve :

  • Your detection, analysis skills
  • Your security skills
  • Your responsiveness to a major attack on your system

Course Content

Blue Team J1
  • Scenario explanation
  • Getting started with the infrastructure
  • Infrastructure recognition
  • Vulnerability & services scan
  • Scanning detection
  • Debriefing and pooling
  • Exchange time on the Security Policy scenario, and how to protect & detect
  • Upgrade on the basics of the detections / monitoring
  • Security & Detection campaign
  • Trainer coaching
Blue Team J2
  • Attack scenario from inside (phishing, USB key, ...)
  • Forensic Analysis, C&C identification
  • Exchange with the Red Team general debriefing of the White Team (explanation of expected attacks from Red Team, and Security & Detection expected from Blue Team)


Date: 03 Apr 2022
Format: Classroom
Level: Intermediate
Assessment: To be decided...

Date: 10 Apr 2022
Format: Classroom
Level: Intermediate
Assessment: 29 Sep 2021

Date: 18 Apr 2022
Format: Classroom
Level: Intermediate
Assessment: 29 Sep 2021


This course is dedicated to people who are
familiar with :
  • IP Network and TCP / IP protocols
  • System administration
  • CyberSecurity & Forensics basics
  • SIEM Deployment & OPS
  • Basics on programming on networking
  • SOC Comprehension
  • Threat Analysis Comprehension


  • 2 training days
  • Several hands-on exercises : 20 % Theory / 80 % Practice
  • 6 students maximum per session


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