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Cybersecurity – Cybersecurity Fundamentals for IT Professionals

CyberSecurity has become today the new theater of operation, the new center of interest. It applies to everyone, everywhere. This training is focusing mainly on the IT population as they are specifically exposed to the external threats. It provides an overview of the Cybersecurity main risk and challenges in an Enterprise and highlights the best practices to assess the impacts, to ensure a better protection on systems against cybercriminality and to react in case of Crisis due to an attack.


The training consists in theoretical explanations and practical exercises to illustrate the potential and impact of current cyber threats.


The purpose of the training is to introduce key concepts for Cybersecurity and to raise the awareness to the IT populations

Course Content

Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • History of Major Events in Cybersecurity
  • Definitions and References Cybersecurity
  • The steps of a cyber-attack
Risks and Threats
  • French and/or International legislation
  • Attack techniques
  • Demonstrations of cyber-attacks
Key Concepts of Enterprise Cybersecurity
  • CIA, Privacy, Reliability, Repudiation, Access control
Security of networks, systems and applications
  • Hardening best practices
  • Exchanges and data security
  • The Pentester Method
  • Vulnerability analysis tools
  • Product and technologies – sensors, SIEM…
Crisis Management
  • The crisis management planning methodology
  • Assessing the threats and risks
  • Prioritizing decisions and activities



This course is dedicated to people who are
familiar with :
  • IT functions and IT organizations


  • 5 training days
  • Several hands-on exercises : 80 % Theory / 20 % Practice
  • Intermediate level


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