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Cybersecurity – Organization & Governance

CyberSecurity has become today the new theater of operation, the new center of interest. It applies to everyone, everywhere. This conference scans the entire perimeter of what is CyberSecurity across an Enterprise organization: From key concepts to how to run the main cybersecurity processes and manage Cybersecurity at the Enterprise level.


The course will provide participants an overview of what makes organization & governance so important regarding Cybersecurity


The purpose of the training is to introduce key concepts important for Cybersecurity and present the key processes that enable an organization at Enterprise level to manage cybersecurity

Course Content

Key Concepts
  • Describe and explain what is Enterprise Cybersecurity, its challenges and its different key concepts (CIA, Privacy, Reliability, Repudiation, Access control, ….)
Cybersecurity Management
  • Describe and explain what is Cybersecurity management and how it relates to Quality management
Cybersecurity Maturity Assesment
  • Describe and explain what is a framework, what is a cybersecurity framework and what is its benefit at the Enterprise level
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment & Management
  • Describe what is Enterprise risk management and how it relates to Information Security risk management
  • Describe and explain the fundamentals of risk management and risk assessment and how methodologies can help to improve the quality of an information risk assessment
Cybersecurity Incident Management
  • Describe the process to identify, detect and handle cybersecurity incidents at the Enterprise level
  • Introduce the latest trends regarding incident detection and handling


Date: To be decided
Format: Theater


This course is dedicated to people who are
familiar with :
  • IT/Enterprise functions and IT/Enterprise organizations
  • Risk management
  • Incident management


  • 1 training day


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