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Cybersecurity – Red Team

Operational training at CyberSecurity has become a major area of ​​development for companies wishing to secure and protect their IS and especially their assets. The Red Team training scenario allows you to test your knowledge of PENTEST in an immersive environment, and thus improve your skills.


Accompanied and coached by a Red Team trainer, you and your team should implement your Pentest skills to attack a vulnerable architecture.
This architecture will be managed and secured in real time by a Blue Team, also accompanied and coached by a Blue Team trainer.
A White Team trainer will be in charge of the smooth running of this scenario.
This training scenario will be essentially practical and immersive.


This training aims to improve :

  • Your Pentest skills
  • Your perimeter vision of the security of an information system

Course Content

Red Team J1
  • Scenario explanation
  • Getting started with the infrastructure
  • Infrastructure recognition
  • Vulnerability scan
  • Debriefing and pooling
  • Exchange time on the attack scenario
  • Upgrade on the basics of the attacks
  • Attack campaign
  • Trainer coaching
Red Team J2
  • Attack scenario from inside (phishing, USB key, ...)
  • Attack / APT / Persistence
  • debriefing of the morning
  • Exchange with the Blue Team general debriefing of the White Team (explanation of expected attacks from Red Team, and security & detection expected from Blue Team)


This course is dedicated to people who are
familiar with :
  • IP Network and TCP / IP protocols
  • System administration
  • Windows systems
  • Unix / Linux systems
  • CyberSecurity and Pentest skills


  • 2 training days
  • Several hands-on exercises : 20 % Theory / 80 % Practice
  • 4 students maximum per session


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