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Cybersecurity –Introduction to Malware Analysis

Today's world is populated by malware of all kinds. Their impacts on our information systems can be catastrophic, so it is necessary to know how to detect, identify, and eradicate them. The training "Introduction to Malware Analysis" is the first essential step to the training of a CyberSecurity Analyst. The purpose of this training is to have a general knowledge on malware: types, mechanisms, information to extract. While understanding and manipulating the concepts and tools leading to threat intelligence.


Several hands-on exercises and demonstration are performed, virtualizing information systems.
Each student has a pentester computer and their own IT environment.
The course also embeds several feedbacks from Thales experience on Cybersecurity tools, devices, projects and solutions.


After the course, the students know :

  • The differences between Malwares
  • How to detect and react in front of an infection
  • Processes and Best Practices for eradication
  • How to create their first malware
  • How to identify a malware (first reverseengineering steps)

Course Content

  • Family
  • Type of files
  • Installation steps
  • Indicators
  • What can of clue ?
  • How to detect a malware
  • Type of detection (Antivirus)
  • Interesting databases
Malwares use cases
  • Packers / Binders
  • Persistence, how it works
  • Command & Control
  • Msfvenom, how It works
  • How to determine if a file Is a malware
  • First analysis
  • Best practices
  • Eradication methodology process




This course is dedicated to people who are
familiar with :
  • IP Network and TCP / IP protocols
  • Development basics
  • CyberSecurity & Forensics basics
  • SOC Comprehension
  • Threat Analysis Comprehension

Recommended Prerequisites Courses

Complement Courses


  • 3 training days
  • Several hands-on exercises : 60 % Theory / 40 % Practice
  • 8 students maximum per session
  • Intermediate level


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