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Cybersecurity – SIEM Deployment & OPS

The security of information systems and network infrastructures is becoming more and more complicated nowadays. The purpose of the training is to highlight the benefits of the deploying a SIEM within your IT infrastructure and to explore the functionalities offered by SIEM systems to facilitate the management of security related events The training methodology puts practice at the heart of learning to improve the acquisition of experience and knowledge.


Several hands-on exercises are performed through CYBELS Cyber Range platform, virtualizing information systems and reflecting realistic network architectures.
Each student has a pentester computer and their own IT System at their disposal on CYBELS Cyber Range.
He is able to access numerous equipment (PCs, routers, probes, firewalls, servers, proxies …).
The course also embeds feedback from Thales experience on Cybersecurity tools, devices, projects and solutions


After the course, the students know :

  • Deployment of SIEM
  • Perform rules
  • Functionalities offered by SIEM
  • Incident and log correlation

Course Content

Introduction to SIEM
  • How it works
  • Situation and organization
  • How to choose your SIEM
SIEM Deployment
  • Best practices to install and deploy a SIEM
  • How to configure a SIEM
  • Infrastructure configuration
  • Log details
SIEM Configuration
  • Perform configuration of SELKS
  • Parsing logs
  • Logs analysis
  • How to build a rule
  • Reporting
SIEM Hands on
  • Practical exercises
  • Logs analysis
  • Forensics input




This course is dedicated to people who are
familiar with :
  • IP Network and TCP / IP protocols
  • Windows systems
  • Unix / Linux systems
  • CyberSecurity & Forensics basics
  • Basics on programming on networking

Recommended Prerequisites Courses

Complement Courses


  • 5 training days
  • Several hands-on exercises : 40 % Theory / 60 % Practice
  • 8 students maximum per session
  • Intermediate level


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