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Cybersecurity – Threat Intelligence

The Threat Intelligence also known as Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), is organized, analyzed and refined information about potential or current attacks that threaten an organization. The purpose of this training is to put in perspective the evolution of the cyber threat during the past three decades and to shade light over the transformation of attacks and attackers. To provide an understanding of the key cognitive processes that govern cyber investigators work, an overview of the technologies and general architecture of CTI platforms and how to perform on it. The objective is to anticipate necessary evolutions in cyber defense.


TSeveral hands-on exercises are performed, virtualizing information systems.
Each student has a pentester computer and their own IT System.
The course also embeds several feedbacks from Thales experience on Cybersecurity tools, devices, projects and solutions.


After the course, the students know :

  • What is Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • How to design a Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform and how to perform on it
  • How to perform detection from Cyber Threat Intelligence

Course Content

Introduction to Cyber Threat
  • Cyber Threats critical review
  • What has changed ?
  • Where do we head for ?
Reasoning behind successful investigations
  • How to improve practice through mastering essential cognitive processes
Cyber Threat platform
  • How to design a Cyber Threat Intelligence platform
  • Drawing the lessons from experience
Cyber Threat Intelligence processing
  • Make the best out of ThreatQ in Cyber Threat Intel processes
  • Focusing on threat sources
Optimizing the use of ThreatQ
  • Tips for optimizing
  • How to use it best on a daily basis
Cyber Threat Intelligence In action
  • Demonstration of Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • From CTI to detection
Advanced Malware Analysis
  • Malware analysis basics
  • How to improve indicators




This course is dedicated to people who are
familiar with :
  • IP Network and TCP / IP protocols
  • Windows systems
  • Unix / Linux systems
  • CyberSecurity basics
  • Basics on programming on networking
  • Basics on Forensics Investigations
  • Basics on the retro-engineering principle

Recommended Prerequisites Courses

Complement Courses


  • 4 training days
  • Several hands-on exercises : 60 % Theory / 40 % Practice
  • 8 students maximum per session
  • Intermediate level


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